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Saturday, 4 October 2008

I'm not quitting.....EVER

And you thought that I might just have, given my temporary hiatus. No, I did not stop making jewellery. Have not, did not and will not.

Just that there have been some unforeseen interruption with what has always been the ‘my ordinary course of life’. The way I see it is this. Sometimes, shit happens in life and when it does, you just have to deal with it. Make the most out of the situation that you were put into and learn what you got to learn from it. Some people however, have just got the knack of slinging their shit around for other people to clean up. Bottom line is, face up to your own shit. Excuse me for my crudeness but I really can't think of a more forthright explanation than this.

So much so that I have resorted to solitary confinement in order to actually get any work done at all. I haven’t been able to update as often as I would like to and neither have I been able to start on the revamping work to the Atelier. Hopefully, updates can be more regular by end of October. *fingers crossed*

Well, that aside, it sure didn't stop me from another bead haul. :)

The haul this time is only a modest one compared to what I used to buy. Had to control myself cuz my bead stock has been piling up and the rate I'm exhausting them does not commensurate with my stock taking. Bead shopping can be so addictive! (well, at least it seems to be so for me :P)

This haul was from Marinacraft. They have two sites actually, one Malaysian and one international. So, Malaysian beaders would want to visit their Malaysian site for price quotation in RM.

This site was introduced to me by my friend, my (ahem) brethren beader so to speak, Jenny. She text me one day asking me if I knew where to buy Czech glass beads. I told her that the only online store that I know of that sells these are no longer in service and even I myself am searching for it.

She text me much later that day about Marinacraft. One can't help but to love Google. :)

I was very tempted to buy from them after seeing the range of beads that they carry but tried very hard to not give in to temptation because it is bad to be buying and buying without making. ;) But, I kinda got bored with my existing stock of materials and wanted a 'visual' change and so I used the coming Raya hols as an excuse to be working on more new pieces. New pieces from new supply. :) (Fact is, I have a few pieces done already. I just need to take pictures of it and will be listing and uploading it to the Atelier soon)

Anyway, this is my first time buying from them and I must say the buying experience was the best one I've had so far. I'll tell you why.

1. Speed of delivery
I made my order on early Monday (29.9.2008) morning and paid for my order right after. And then I just remembered about the Raya holidays and was worried if delivery might clash with the holidays and worst still, risk loosing my parcel in the post! Efficient sellers will be prompt in delivery when you are efficient in making payment. :) By afternoon, I got a mail in my mailbox informing me that my order has been shipped, much to my delight! =D

I received my orders the very next day!

2. Packaging
I believed most of you who has done bead shopping would have experienced this. You know how it is that sellers usually wrapped your stuffs in layers and layers of bubble wrap with strips and strips of sticky tape. And some, not before layers and layers of newspapers? I don't know about you but to me that sort of packaging can be quite annoying.

I do appreciate sellers effort in making sure the stuffs arrive in one piece (although I at times find myself questioning the necessity for the extra effort when parcel will arrive next day and especially if it is by courier) but to go through layer and layers of wrappings before I actually get to see the product, especially when I am already jumping in excitement when the parcel arrived, is a pain. And don't even get me started on the sticky tape. Unwrapping the parcel almost always results in a mess of newspapers, bubble wraps, boxes and sticky tapes and you end up overloading the trash bin. It takes just as much effort in unwrapping them just as much as it is needed to pack them. Difference being, it’s much more messier unwrapping than wrapping up. It's no fun, really.

I was rather taken aback when the parcel from Marinacraft arrived by Pos Ekspress but ........

............. in a box! I never knew Pos Ekspress also comes in boxes. I was actually expecting it to arrive by Pos Laju or other courier as it has been with all my bead parcel before this. Sure enough, it was stated during checkout that the parcel would be send by Pos Ekspress but I brushed them off as a mere technical term connoting speedier delivery. All this while, I only know about Pos Ekspress as envelopes for next day delivery.

Now, digressing a bit, for those of you who are unaware of the difference between Pos Laju and Pos Ekspress. Both offer next day delivery but Pos Ekspress is subjected to locality and time of posting.

Pos Laju is the national courier service and Pos Ekspress is the national postal service. While you can pack your stuffs any way you want with a courier service, Pos Ekspress requires that you post your stuffs in their stipulated envelopes (I only know about the Pos Ekspress box recently).

While Pos Laju rate is calculated based on weight, Pos Ekspress charges are based on the size of envelopes. With a particular size of envelope, presumably, it would be around the guesstimated weight. Due to the availability of the different sizes of envelopes, the minimum charge for Pos Ekspress would undoubtedly be lower than Pos Laju.

Now, here’s the catch.

Pos Laju being a courier service will be hand delivered but Pos Ekspress, being a postal service will only be dropped into your post box. So you see, in terms of securing acceptance of delivery, Pos Laju is safer because there need to be someone to signed acceptance of the parcel and thus, most favoured by sellers.

I’ve had bad experience with Pos Ekspress envelopes where it took one whole week to arrive despite within the area eligible for next day delivery. So much for ‘dijamin sampai esok’! I’ve also heard stories that sometimes it even got lost in post! That is why I never favoured Pos Ekspress despite being a cheaper alternative for next day delivery for smaller packages.

So, as I was saying. I wasn’t expecting my package to arrive by Pos Ekspress despite being informed that it will. Nevertheless, the package arrived safe and sound. And I do have to mention though that the postage charge was RM6.60 for 500 grams and below when Beading.com.my only charges RM5 for shipping via private courier service and irrespective of weight (if I’m not mistaken)!

But I guess I Marinacraft’s choice with Pos Ekspress may be due to it’s packaging issue. The Post Ekspress box, unlike your ordinary carton boxes, is made from what I reckon to be much more thicker material and therefore much much more sturdier than your ordinary boxes. So, somehow, risk of damage to the parcel is probably reduced. In other words, I dare say that it is quite safe to pack stuffs into it without making any extra effort in packaging.

Marinacraft probably share my sentiment and what I found packed inside the box is the most straightforward packaging I’ve ever seen in any of my bead haul. Not to mention, the neatest and fuss-free one too!

And presumably if this was the mode of shipping that they had been using, it should not be good enough because they have been around since 2003.

All my stuffs came packed in a folded opaque plastic bag secured only by a staple. Can you imagine how simple a job unwrapping was? The plastic bag was however made from a thicker material. The kind that’s even suitable to store piping hot liquid in them. Like those probably used in the old coffee shops for you to take away your coffee.

Next up, the content. I bought a string of pearls, glass beads and some charms. The pearls were just sealed in a clear plastic bag and so were the rest of the charms. But as for the glass beads, it came in a small container. Those which food vendor normally used to pack sauces. The same kind where KFC uses to pack their mashed potatoes or coleslaw.

I bought one of their mixes which comes in about 100 beads, When I first caught glimpse of the container from outside the plastic bag and was kinda expecting there to be sticky tape taped around the edges (which I really dreaded) but when I took a closer look at it, there was none at all! Much to my surprise!

When I opened to container, the beads was secured within with a layer of bubble wrap. Only one! A small one at that! But suffice for the size of the container. So you see, in these circumstances being just sufficient is better than being extra.

The beads were also very safe because it was all compressed into the container, which means less empty space between them and in this, I dare say zero space. This way reduces friction if there are any movements and hence reduces or even to the extent of eliminating the risk of damage.

I totally like their packaging! The best way my bead parcel could arrive! *two thumbs up*

But wait, I was in for another surprise!


It was stated in their site that there would be free gift for purchases RM50 and above but mine didn’t even reach that amount, although it was close to. So, the extra tiny bag was much to my delight!

The charms were all very pretty but as for the pearls and glass beads, well let’s just say that I’ve seen prettier ones. Maybe it’s the selection that I’ve made. I dunno. Either way, I’ve no qualms to buy from them again. Price range is rather reasonable too I reckon.

3. Conclusion
Highly recommended! Need I say more? ;)

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3 hollers:

Jenny Pong said...

Finally you bought something from Marina. She is a fantastic seller and be sure to check out her store in November, she has ordered large shipment from Czech Republic with many beads like Firepolish, Preciosa crystals, Pressed, Seeds, Glass Pearls.

Marina@MarinaCraft said...

Dear Wendy,
I’m very honored to receive such a high feedback from a talented beader like you. And I have to say we hate balky bubble-wrap too!!! The Pos Express box is a bit more expensive but was selected for they durability, we had many broken items with Pos Laju in the past. Containers-you are right, they are durable enough to ship glass beads. However if customers request bubble-wrap instead of containers, we do that. All our seed beads supplied with free containers a well. It will be always my pleasure to process your orders. Please visit us again:)

Marina@marinacraft said...

Dear Jenny,
Thank you so much for your recommendation and our conversations through emails. Keep in-touch!

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