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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Quick and easy beaded heart tutorial


Since it's also the Valentine's, I thought it would be apt to share this quick and easy beaded heart tutorial with you guys! ;) Yes, it's quick and yes, it's easy! :)
Okay, this is what you'll need.

21 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones or other beads of your choice and thread of your choice. I would strongly recommend fishing line if you are using crystal beads because other threading materials like nymo will be susceptible to breakage because the edges of these crystals are sharp and will cut through nymo.

String on 4 beads onto the thread and cross at the first bead.

String on another 4 beads onto the right thread and cross at the first bead to make another group of four beads.

Make sure to group these two sets of beads close to each other and pass the right thread through the next bead on the right.


String on another 4 more beads and cross at the bead where the thread was coming out from.

Repeat the above on the other thread. See how the two sides of the heart is forming already?

To finish it off, all you have to do is string on 1 bead on either thread and cross both thread ends at this bead. You now have a heart! Ermmm....lol, of course you've already had a heart! Let me rephrase that. You now have a beaded heart. :)

At this point, you may notice that the heart shape is a bit flimsy. To reinforce the shape, all you have to do is just to run each thread end through the beads around the edge.


Tie a knot. Pass both thread ends through your work again to reinforce the knot before cutting the excess off.

If you are thinking of turning this into a pendant, one layer of beads may appear to be too flimsy for a pendant. What you can do is to bead another heart and stitch the two together for a sturdier shape.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! :)

Happy Valentine's Day and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

新年快乐 !

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