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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Rosette ring tutorial revisited

I posted a video from YouTube on this ring some time ago. But here's a pictorial instructions of how I did mine. It's the same but just a little tips here and there which I think you might want to take note.

I call this the fool proof ring in that there’s no way anyone could mess this up! LOL.... :P

It’s so simple and straightforward that anyone can make it. Not to mention that it’s also really fun to make!

This would also be great practice for anyone who hasn’t done any wire wrapped ring before.

These are some of the stuffs you'll need :

  • Wires of any gauge although I do think the thicker it is, the better it is since it would be more prominent when you are doing the swirls. I used 24 ga wire in this tutorial.
  • Ring mandrel
  • Cutter
  • Chain nose pliers

Cut out about 15” of wire and wrap it around the ring mandrel. You might want to make it about two sizes bigger than the intended size because the shank will tighten and shrunk smaller as you wrap the ring.

This would be how the back would look like.

Wrap each wire end one time around the mandrel. And this is how the back will look like now.

This would be how the front would look like. Three strands of wire forming the shank.

Now, turning to the back.

Twist the two wire ends together.

Continue twisting around the centre point.

While doing so, use your thumb to press the centre point down ......

so that you’ll have the rosette spread out flatly and not bulk up in the centre like this.

You should be seeing the rosette forming in the centre of the ring already.

Stop when you feel that your rosette is big enough already. Just be sure that the two wire ends stop at the side of the shank for you to finish off the ring.

Take your ring out from the mandrel.

Wrap the wire ends on the side around the shank a few time. Here, I wrap the wire around twice. You may use a chain nose pliers here to help you pull the wire tight.

Cut off the excess and tuck any protruding wire in. You wouldn’t want to scratch the wearer!

Do the same for the other side.

And you have a rosette ring! :D

Tip: You can also wrap the entire shank if you wanted to. Just cut out a longer wire to start with! :)

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3 hollers:

Allie D. said...

This is beautiful! I keep trying to move myself over to do some more of my own beadwork... and this project not only makes me yearn to work with wire, it also makes me want to make a ring! (And I am NOT a ring person -- maybe I am just not a *beaded* ring person.) Thank you for sharing!

Jessica said...

Amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial -- I have been looking all over the internet for these instructions! I am following your blog now, and hope you continue to share these amazing lessons♥


whyza82 said...

this is nice........ !

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