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Friday, 20 March 2009

One bead ring

This is another wire wrapped ring I made, but this time, incorporating a single round 8mm turqouise gemstone bead. I really like how the silver colour brings out the blue colour of the turqouise bead. This is similarly another fool proof piece and I do think they'll make a really nice gift. Especially when you needed one in a hurry! ;)

Here'a the video I referred to:

I hope you'll enjoy them just as much as I did! ;)

Ouh.....and in case you're wondering, I used 0.6mm wires for all the wire wrapped rings that I've made thus far. I reckon you could also use 0.4mm ones but you might just need to go around a few times more or 0.8mm if you want to try out Joan's version. 0.8mm might be too thick for wrappings.

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4 hollers:

mom2ashley said...

love your tutorials and i have been looking at the videos since yesterday! one question though, how did you get to wrap the ring with the wire so tautly and so neatly? i have been trying to do it but keet getting wobbly wraps round the bead itself!:)

Wendy Sue said...

Hey ashley,

Thanks for reading!

Did you mean the ring band? I know what you mean. ;) Lots of practise, I say. :) It took me a couple of tries before I could get it. Basically what is important after you make the rounds around the mandrel is to hold it in place tightly with your other hand and readjust them to make sure the are in place after you remove them from the mandrel and before you wrap the sides of the band.

But for this, it should be easier to keep them in place since when you are wrapping the centre bead you are tightening to band into place already at the same time. Just be aware at each step and make the necessary adjustment before the formation becomes irreversible.

Hope this helps. :)

Wendy Sue said...

Ouh....i just read that it was actually the wraps around the bead. Lol..... the wraps around the bead works pretty much similar to the rosette ring. As you are wrapping them, pull the wire a little to create some tension and be aware when you are making the rounds for a neat wrap. :)

Mom2ashley said...

Ok.. Thanks Wendy!:)

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