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Monday, 5 January 2009

I'm back! =D

Hey peeps, I'm back from my week long break. Phew! Time sure flies and here we are at a new year with new plans, new beginnings, new life, new everything la. So exciting, isn't it? ;)

Whoops, and before I forget, Happy New 2009, everyone! I hope the year ahead will be a promising one for you just as I am hoping that it would be for me. :)

Yes, the wires have already arrived and they are with me already as ready stock. Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding with my orders and I was not able to get hold of the 1.0mm wires. So, I only have with me 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm of the European made silver plated wires.

For more info on how to purchase, please click here.

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