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Saturday, 14 March 2009

The curious case of button rings

The buttons I'm referring to here those sewing buttons; bottons for your clothes.

Yes, these are the type of buttons I'm talking about. But then, I'm not interested in those. I'm interested in buttons of this type.

Notice the difference between the two types of button? The ways in which you'll be sewing the button onto the garment are different. For those buttons in the first picture, the thread actually shows through the holes but for those bottons in the second picture, the thread is hidden from view, behind the button because your thread goes through the loop thing behind the button to attach the button onto the garment.

Ok, I'll stop yakking about the different ways buttons are attached to a piece of garment here or this shall turn into a discussion of sewing techniques. Lol..... XD

My point is, you'd be surprised at how amazingly beautiful and intricate the design of some of these buttons are. Did you know that some buttons are even collectors item? Cool or what?

So beautiful that you can even turn them to a piece of jewellery, like what Joan did with this piece of a beatiful button here.

Joan recently bought some of those European made silver plated wires from me and told me about this ring that she made.

But what I thought was really clever about this ring was how she made the ring band an adjustable one.

A one size fist all ring! How ingenius! :)

I actually came across this video on YouTube some time back already. Wire wrapped ring but with a button as its focal. The same wire wrapping method with the two rings I made earlier on.

28 gauge is approximately 0.3mm and I personally do think that it's way too thin for wire wrapped rings and I don't quite like the finishing. Well, I believe you can also use 0.4mm for this since wires do harden after working on them but the problem with working with such fine wire is to be very careful not to kink them or they'll break easily. And also, since 0.4mm is thicker, presumably you would probably not need to go as many round as you would with the 0.3mm ones?

I still think Joan's idea of making the band adjustable a much cleverer one though....

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