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Sunday, 1 November 2009

My hands are itching.....

To rip this bag apart! LOL.... :P

Was clearing some of the boxes packed with stuffs from the old house and found this bag. I almost forgotten about it, which is not surprising since it never crossed my mind to use it. :P

This is a vintage bag, passed down to me from my aunt. When it comes to metal mesh fabric, I think it's gonna be either you love it or hate it scenario due to the glamourous but probably questionable-in-taste character associated to these mesh fabrics.

I love the metal mesh fabric on the bag! LOL.... XD .... but there's just something about the style of the bag itself that put me off from using it.

It's a sling bag and it's huge. I have never been a huge fan of sling bags and I really don't like the fact that this bag slouches frumpily when you hang them over your shoulder.

See what I mean? So NOT chic lor. -_-

It seems too big for use with eveningwear. The size would have worked for casual use but the bling and the gold is just a tad too OTT for casual wear unless you want to look like you just stepped out from a time machine departing from the 80's . Which explains why I forgotten about it because there just doesn't seem to be any practical use for it!

But the bag is still in very good condition and I feel it's such a waste to just store it away. Plus, apart from the style, I think the bag's really pretty lor!

At present, the bag looks like it's a throwback from the '80s, which you can actually consider it to be quite in trend considering the '80s fashion is making a comeback. (OMG, did you see some of the shoulder pad dresses? o_O)

Sorry lar, as much as I love how fashion always recycle the trends, and so can you do the same with your wardrobe, I'm not sure if the shoulder pads should be included in the recycling policy. I mean, c'mon.... let's face it, not every Susan, Mary and Jane is gonna look fierce in shoulder pads lor.

Even so, I think the comeback trend should be made relevant to the current trend. The current trend should look like it was inspired from the past trend and not as though you send a time capsule back to the era, load the machine with all the goodies and transport them back to the the present. The latter is just so wrong.


N.O.T fierce.

So, I'm really thinking of ripping the bag apart to 'reconstitute' it into a more modern chic clutch, with the very least practical use of it. I'm thinking.... it might go very well with the LBD that I'm thinking of wearing to a wedding at the end of the month. Hhhmmm.....

One problem though. This bag is a vintage GLOMESH. GLOMESH is a brand name (an Australian brand, I think!) for those metal mesh fabric bags. The brand has become so successful that it has become a generic name for mesh bags. Genuine GLOMESH will command a higher price than unlabelled bags and purses made of the same glamorous fabric.

The relevancy, you wonder?

It's considered an expensive bag lor. Well, mum always says in a low-down hush hush tone, "It's very expensive. It's a GLOMESH" whenever I made a comment on these bags that I see lying around the house. Yea, there's a couple of 'em.

A silver GLOMESH coin purse. I knda like this one. Very chic! And I think the style of this bag never gets old.

Now, I quite like this cream/beige cluth too. It's very my style but the problem was the practicality.

Erm, what can you put in there wor? o_O The solution to not being able to find something in the way you wanted it is to make them yourself!

There's hardly any space for you to put anything. Now, mind you, this was before the era of cellphone and what have you. Ladies back then only bring with them probably a pack of tissue, ID card and a few notes and they're good to go.

Ladies these days uses gigantic clutches, okay! LOL..... :P

BUT the thing is, almost EVERYTHING is expensive to mum! LOL..... :P

And so I googled to find out the cost of a GLOMESH bag and it turns out that it averages around $20. Australian dollars I think!


So, it's not Gucci-or-LV-expensive but Wendy's-mum-expensive! LOL.....

Okay, maybe it was considered expensive back then in the 80's. *shrugs*

But seriously..... I think I'm just going to rip it apart.

However, problem is, I'm not sure if there's enough fabric from the bag to form the fabric base of the new bag, although I'm quite sure I'll have more than enough mesh fabric for the new bag. There might even be sufficient leftovers to use for jewelleries. Yaay! :D

Neither do I think I want to be bothered to go out looking for the right fabric. It's just like shopping. You know how when you purposely make a trip tp search for a particular specific item, more often than not you'll end up not finding it but when you're not looking for it, it miraculously appear in front of you.

Anyway, the theme is going to be R.E.C.Y.C.L.E. :P

Aaaah, don't we love to hear that word, these days. ;)

Now, if you'll just excuse me, I remember seeing a piece of cream colour cloth stashed somewhere.........

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