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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Beginner's Silversmithing : Part II - The Workroom

Well, not mine, that's for sure! LOL..... :P

I'll give you a tour around the workroom from which I was working in throughout the 2 days course first. It's just the room next to our bedroom.

There's only 2 workbenches in the workroom which I guess why Yvonne only accomodates the maximum of two students. Unlike the previous courses that I attended which has around 6 work stations.

Well, another possible reason that I can think of is that she probably prefer a smaller crowd. *shrugs*

Do you see now where all the inspiration come from?

This is what you'll actually be staring into from your workbench! This is seriously an artist studio, okay!

Another pic of the scenery that I managed to snap while I was downstairs at the entrance door of the house.

Right at the corner of the room, next to the workbenches are two safe. This may be a silversmithing class but Yvonne does a lot of commissioned works, mostly in gold and precious stones. She does a lot of engagement and wedding rings of the sort (if I'm not mistaken) and hence the need for the safe.

On the opposite end of the room from the workbenches is a study table where I'm guessing, she does the sketching? Admin work? But I know it's also where she keeps the fingdings and stuffs. And the two glass cabinet next to the table is where she displays her masterpieces!

Her work is mostly contemporary art pieces. I remembered over small chat on the first day during dinner, I told her that I also make some jewellery myself and she asked me what kind of jewellery work do I do?

I was taken aback. o_O I couldn't understand what she meant cuz I'm pretty sure she wasn't asking me whether I make earrings, necklaces or bracelets!

Confused.... I asked her back, what do you mean what kind? Seeing my puzzled look, she went on to explain further.... 'ouh, whether it's victorian, romanian (ok, I can't remember the exact works but something to that effect!) or contemporary..'

Huh? Immediately I burt out contemporary the moment I heard her mentioned this word. Gee, I never really thought of it that way lor. But oh well, either way..... contemporary is the only way to go! :P

I'm part of the generation X, yo!

More on the lessons soon..... ;)

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