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Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Galerie!

I've always not like the old Galerie browsing format but have no idea how to revamp it.

I've spent like ages thinking of how to change the layout and only last week did I finally found the right template and spend the past week putting them together and I'm happy to say that the Galerie now is how I've always wanted it to be! :D

Editing the pictures took the bulk of the time! Some of the pictures might seem overexposed to you but I've been editing, editing, editing and re-editing that I honestly can't be bothered anymore.The odd thing is the same picture seems alright at one time and then underexposed at another and when I checked back again after everything's done, it then appears to be over-exposed! o_O

There is like almost 300 pictures to edit there! Enough to blind my eyes from the hours spent looking into the monitor with don't-know-what-some-kind of energy or wave emiting from the screen.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated the last part a 'lil. :P LOL.....

But hey, I remember my cousin sis bought some kind of .... uuggghh.... I don't even know what it should be call..... ok, thing. Yes, some kinda thing and placed it next to her computer, telling me that that 'thing' purportedly can absorb the harmful radiation (yes! that's the word!) from the computer instead of our body.


Even a friend of mine who was in confinement was not allowed to switch on the computer for fear of the radiation which will be harmful to the mother's  already weak post pregnancy body.

Okay, this is something that I'll probably need to clarify. I'm not sure if this is only customary with the Chinese tradition or how people from different cultural back grounds do it but a Chinese lady who has just given birth will be under confinement for one month post pregnancy. Confinement means literally confinement where she is confined to the house. Well, you can say it's some sort of a house arrest but completely legal! LOL.....

And the new mother will be very well taken care of during this period. Mostly from her diet, more nutritious food to make up for whatever that was 'lost' during the whole pregnancy esperience. Erm, I'm not sure if I explained it correctly but to put it simply, the body of the mother is weaker now and need to recuperate.

What is customary is to hire a confinement lady during this period who will help with the care of the new born as well as the new mother, making sure that both the new born and new mother is well taken care of because the assumption at this point is that the body of the new mother is still weak.

So, the confinement lady will be in charge of the new mother's diet. Well, normally consisting of food and Chinese herbs which is believed to help with the restoration of the body's energy.

You might be thinking that the mother or in-laws of the new mother could have helped with the care but mind you, these people are deemed the professional. They know better.

Gosh! How did it digress to this?! LOL......

Okay, so that was about the radiation. Anyway, just ignore the last part. What are you waiting for? Go, quick! Check out the Galerie !....and tell me you like it too! =D

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