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Friday, 12 February 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Valentine's Day!


While the rest of the world will be celebrating Valentine's Day this Sunday; on the 14th, Chinese worldwide will be celebrating Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese lunar calender, this is the year of Tiger which starts on the 14th February this year. And Chinese being Chinese, they love to get their respective Zodiac Horoscope forecast to see how their luck would be for the year. What they should do to make it better and what they should do to avoid any bad luck.  Sounds rather superstitious but then there's no harm knowing either.

Personally, I don't believe in the forecast cuz they were never true as far as I'm concern! I don't consider myself a superstitious person but then, every year around this time, when the tv or newspaper run an article on this during this period (which has also becomes cuatomary already by the way), I can't help myself from turning up the volume or stop to read when flipping through the papers. I think it has become some kind of a habit already. :P

But all in all, Chinese New Year is always about the food to me! LOL..... XD

If you haven't know about the Chinese New Year, you can visit here to learn more about the celebration. The do's and don'ts , preparation and what we do on this day. And do check out your luck forecast for this year as well! ;)

One of the tradition which (I dare say) kids are looking forward to and the adults probably dreaded is the 'Ang Pow'. ' Ang Pow' are red packets/small envelopes containing money. 'Ang' means red and 'Pow' means packet. During Christmas, people exchanges present but during Chinese New Year, married couple give 'Ang Pow' away to the unmarried juniors as blessings.

And guess who's giving 'Ang Pow' away on their blog?

No, not me. I'm not married and therefore not eligible to give you. :P

Wired Chinese Knot, anyone? That should give it away. Corra is giving away 15 'Ang Pow' to her blog readers, regardless of age or marital status. So, I thought you might wanna drop by to win yourself some good luck! ;)

And in the spirit of giving, I guess I'll give you guys something as well. As for what it is, come back tomorrow to check out what it is as I prepare them for you tonight! ;)

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corra said...

hehee yes yes I am giving away Ang Paw (red packet), everyone stands a chance to bring home one! :P

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