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Monday, 19 April 2010

When opportunity comes a'knocking......

 And so, I've been really quiet lately.......

I know I haven't been blogging as often as I would otherwise have planned wanted to. I've been wanting to blog about this and have been putting it off until I know that unless I sit myself down in front of my laptop and start typing away, this post will never live to see the days of light. Okay, I don't know if grammatically, that made any sense, but you get the picture! :P

Thing is, so much has happened after Chinese New Year i.e. Februsry that I'm still trying to digest and settle into the new time table. Well, not so much that I don't even know where to begin but enough I guess to even caught myself by surprise. I mean, really, it wasn't even in my plan at all.

And so, you've read in one of the post before this that I recently joined the work force. Well, it wasn't something I deliberately planned for but it just happened. As bizarre as it sounds but that is exactly how it happened. I mean, seriously......it just came to me.

Okay, so this is what happened. My friend's husband is a lawyer and has a law firm. Just not too long ago he was looking for someone to help with some translation of documents from English to the Malay language. He thought of me who was unemployed free and asked if I would be interested in the job. Needless to say, I said yes. Ahem, you need some *ka-ching* for beads to continue making jewellery, right? *rolls eyes*

Anyway, those documents involved translation of a lot of legal terminology, of which that I can't just translate it as it is. Problem was, I didn't know what those terminologies in the Malay language were. At the same time, I was also concerned with the legal bearing those documents had from the legal standpoint. There were just too many that I was unsure with but yet it wasn't a situation where I'm gonna say, "Sorry, can't do it. Bye." I needed help.

Immediately I thought of my current boss. My current boss is a friend of my Dad and also someone I knew personally way back from my high school days. Back then, I was very active in the school's Interact Club and my boss was the Youth Director/Officer from the local Rotary Club of which Dad was also a member of. So if you guys know anything about Interact/Rotary Club, you'll understand how the two are linked together. Just like the Leo and Lions. If you don't, well..... google search! :P

So now you know how and where the connection comes from and the next is what actually happened.

So, I went to see him, asking for advice on the translation but he ended up asking me if I was interested to work in his firm.

Alright, thais wat what happened that day I went to see him. When I went to his office to see him, he was with a client and I was sent to see another lawyer for help. It turns out that there wasn't much that they could help me with and so I left. Just as I was walking down the stairs to leave, Boss was done with the client and called me back into the other lawyer's office and the exact exchange of words go something like this......

Boss : So, you're not giving tuition anymore? (yes, EVERYONE knows I was teaching....*sigh*.... why don't they know that I make jewellery too? *shrugs*) 

Me : Yeah.... *smiles*

And then he went on to ask me.....

Boss : Did you finish your CLP? (That's the Malaysian Bar qualification, a certificate one needs in order to practise Law in Malaysia)

Me : No......  (5 years ago, a few months down physiotherapy and the realization of what a mess I was actually in and how it was not possible for me to get back on my feet within the time frame I had in mind, I've already decided to give up on practising Law altogether)


Alright, a little digression here to explain the 'within the time frame I had in mind' ....

5 years before the brain hemorrhage I had 5 years ago.....or in other words, 10 years ago, I was met with a motor accident from which I suffered from a severe head concussion and internal bleeding. Yes, blood clotting in the brain and blah blah blah. (Man, you have no idea how many times my brain has already been messed with!)

I was however very very fortunate. I not only miraculously survived but even recovered within a very short span of 3 months with no major physical setbacks and even the blood clot in the brain slowly dissolves itself over time without the need to undergo operation to remove it.

So, with this hindsight, I thought I was going to be alright in also a similar time frame or probably just a little more in time for the next CLP exam sitting.The hemorrhage happened not too long after my graduation, which means I have the degree but not the bar qualification.

But boy, did I misinterpret the situation! 4 months down physiotherapy, I came to the realisation how serious my condition actually was and then and there decided to give up pursuing a career in law already. It was ok really, cuz Law was not really my first career option to begin with! I wanted to be a fashion designer (don't laugh, ok!) but coming from a traditional Chinese family, this is not exactly an approved career choice. Probably also my only regret for not having the courage to be obstinate with my choice.


Boss : You're not going to complete it?

Me : Erm, don't think so.

Boss : Why is it that you're not going into law?

Me : Well, the long hours, stress, pressure..... and all that. (I was still in constant contact with my college friends and I understood what the real deal was!)

Then, we went on into a discussion on what areas of Law that I was interested in and then he shoot me the question.......

Boss : Are you interested in conveyancing?

To put it simply, conveyancing basically deals with land matters such as the sale abd purchase or transfer of land.

Me : Huh? But I have no experience. o_O

Well, I don't. If you follow the chronological of events, I hadn't got the opportunity to seek employment. The hemorrhage happened right after graduation, well, while I was reading for my Bar exam to be precise and I wasn't physically fit to do anything at all.

Boss : Well, I guess you could always pick it up along the way.

Me : Why, are your firm looking for people?

Boss : Well, we're always looking for people for conveyancing.

And then, I think he's in a rush (he always is! LOLs....) to leave the office already.....

Boss : Nevermind, you think about it. If full day is too much for you, you can try half day for a week or two first to see if you like it. Just think about it and then give me a call.

Me : Ok ..... *smiles and nod my head*

And that was the end of our discussion and I went back. I didn't gave much thought into it though but later that day, dad told me that Boss called him and mention that he talked to me about this and encouraged that I give it a try. Mum also agreed and says that I should at least give it a try first before deciding whether you like it or not. If I don't like the work, I could always say sorry, I don't think the work is suitable for me and leave.

So, I called Boss up the next day and told him I'll give it a shot. He wanted me to come in the following week but because I still had some translation work on hand at that time, I could only went in the week after. But I did drop by his office briefly before I started.

I'm telling you, if that meeting was a job interview, it's dead sure that I'm going to fail so badly!

Boss : What do you want to do actually?

Me : I don't know actually. 

It's not a very impressive answer but I was only being  honest! Like I said, I've already decided from way back to give up law already and now I'm seated in a of a lawyer who is about to give me a job in his law firm, being asked what I wanted to do. What am I supposed to answer? o_O

Boss : I see that you are still very alert. It will be a total waste if you don't go into it.

By 'it', he meant the legal field. Thing is, outside people who don't really know me thought that my mental capacity is somewhat affected because of the hemorrhage. Well, I won't say that it didn't. Multi-tasking is one. But not in the way that most people in the unknown/unclear of my condition thought.

And then boss went on to hand me a contract and asked me to read through it.

Boss : Now, tell me, what does it says?

Me :  o_O !!!

I haven't looked through a contract since college days and the words they used.....ugh! Anyway, my eyes were scrambling through the documents trying to search for the key words......

Me : It's a ....... contract ......... for .......... the sale ........... of land.

Boss : Okay, tell me in one sentence what does the contract says?

???? !!!

I felt like I was transported back in time to a classroom back in college days. My tongue was tied.

You see, I've pretty much flushed whatever leftover that I still remembered from college days out my system already the day I decided to give up on it. And now this? Oh, boy ...... o_O Die!

Me : It's a contract ............... for the sale of ................... land.

Erm, not very smart. I know it's the same answer that I gave just now but I thought maybe by changing the phrasing a little, it might sound as though it was a new answer? Heh! Lame ....... but when one is desperate, you just do what you can to save your ass! LOL......

But then and again, I've got a sympathetic boss. He could see that I was struggling and he guided me to the answer. LOL.....

Alright, to cut a long story short, boss basically told me to come into the office for the following week to see if I like the work before deciding.

Well, I did as suggested. Went in for a week and found that the work was rather interesting which was how I ended up there for a little over a month already!

 This is what I now deal with everyday!

Anyway, there's still a twist to the the story of me and the workforce. But I'll keep that for later! Heh! ;)

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