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Thursday, 15 July 2010

All about spirals! Pt.2

Part I here.

Ok, a continuation of what I did not finish off. :P

Erm, well, nothing major, really. Just to share with you how the above two pairs of earrings was constructed.

Right, let's start with the one on the right. I guess it's for those who like it short ans sweet. :)

You'll soon realize that when you make your own spiral connectors, you get to decide on the point of connection i.e. how many loops you want and where. So, in this case I made two loops at the two opposite ends to one another. One for the earwires and the other for the earrings dangle. It would be rare if not impossible to get spiral connectors with the loops selling in the market. So, make your own!

Simple. This is how you do it.

For the first one on the left, start like how you would with a spiral.

Then, you will make your first connecting point by making a loop along the spiral edge.
With your round nose pliers, grip onto the wire end but keeping them close to the spiral.

And make a loop.

 You might want tp flatten and reshape the wires with the help of a chain nose pliers.

Still gripping onto the spiral, comple the last coil and cut off the excess wire, leaving just enough for you to make a loop.

Position wise, bear in mind that this loop should be on the direct opposite from the first loop you made earlier so that the spiral hang more symmetrically.

There you go! ;D

Now, if you like to make a chunkier connector, you can make the spiral bigger so that you can have more connecting loops around the edge, which in turn will allow you to attach more beads. Great for a chunky chandelier earrings base! This is what you can do.

After making the first loop like what you did earlier on........

And continue with the second.....

and third connecting loop.

But of course, you may make it with more loop than this. Just bear in mind the spacing between each connecting loop and the more connecting loops you want to have, the bigger the center spiral must be to accomodate for the number of connecting loops you want to have.

Finish it off like how you did with the earlier one. Again, just bear in mind on the position of the loops as it will affect how it eventually actually hangs.

But then of course, if you prefer something funkier and freeform like the ones below, this is what you do.

What you do is to start with an open loop.

And then, instead of coiling each layer of wire close together, you leave a gap between each layer of wire by placing the round nose pliers between them.

And make a turn each time you want to create an angle.

Continue until you are happy with the size of the spiral and finish it off the same as before.

That's all about spirals, folks! Thanks for reading! =)

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