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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Rosette ring

This is very simple, easy and straightforward to make. Very cute too with the rose motif right at the centre. This one is almost fool proof to make if you ask me! I got it right at the very first time and I honestly feel that there's no way that anyone can go wrong with this. This ring can be completed in under 5 minutes and I do think they make very cute rings for children. I think you can even embellished some beads on it to add a bit of colour and zest to it or maybe even vary it a little for a bolder design. Hhhmm... maybe I should try it out the next time.

Anyway, here's the video instructions to this rosette ring:

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2 hollers:

corra said...

I love this. :) Thanks so much for the effort. :D

Wendy Sue said...

Thanks, Corra! Hey.... I just remembered bout the Snowflakes earrings! Will definitely go get 'em before I leave next week. ;)

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