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Monday, 19 October 2009

Operation failed!

So I tried dissecting my Ricoh Caplio R7 myself last night after countless searches over Google. It appears that this seems to be a common flaw with Ricoh cameras. So now you know, moral of the story : don't buy Ricoh.

To think that I was only singing it song of praises a couple of months back..... ugh~

But I really do like the camera though.

In one of the searches through some forum, someone open up his own camera and meddle with the lense a bit and it went back to working mode again.

So, I thought I could probably do the same by trying to figure out what could have gone wrong and secretly harbouring the hope that despite being the noob in gadgets, my camera might miraculously work again. I mean, who am I kidding?

Just in case you are wondering, this is taken with my phone's camera. Not too dodgy, aye?

Obviously, I dare not go past this stage of unscrewing the case. The surrounding lense area are neatly covered by pieces of metal. I dare not take out the tiny screws guarding the territory of the camera lense. It's as though it's saying 'Keep out! Tresspasser will be presecuted!' to me.

I know if I open up the screws there, everything will be beyond my comprehension. It's simply pointless. And so back it went to the service centre for a quotation of the repair cost.

*SIGH* .........

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