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Sunday, 18 October 2009


Oh, yea..... I'm feelin' real crappy now.


My Ricoh Caplio R7 decided to died on me today.


The camera lense is stuck open and I can't switch it on to take pictures.

Well, I can switch it on but it's like it wants to on, the lense zooming out and in ,tries very hard to on but in the end fails to on and the lense is stucked open.


Eeermmm...... something like a constipation? Okay, I admit, a very crude analogy there but I'm


Big time!

This is 7 months after I send them back for repair under warranty with also a problem with the lense.


And now, the warranty has expired, in which case I'll have to pay for the repair now which would probably cost me so much that I might as well get a new camera! But I don't want to get a new camera cuz a new camera's gonna cost me even more $$$! But I'll feel I got ripped off forking out exhorbitant amount just for repairs!


I've just wrote in to the online site where I bought the camera from this afternoon. I don't fault the site. As a matter of fact, their service is very efficient and I'm very satisfied with their customer service.

It's just that I'm impatient to wait for their reply tomorrow and ended up googling for the error message on the displayed on the LCD screen. It turns out to be a common design fault with the camera.


From what I could decipher, it's gonna cost me a lot for the repairs that I might as well dissect it myself. After all, I haven't got anything to loose given the expired warranty.


Oh, crap!

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