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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Plymouth Hoe

Plymouth is located down south of England and surrounded by sea and the weather there is relatively warmer than other parts of England. As compared to the other cities, Plymouth can be considered as quite a new city and even their buildings and city structure are more modern. Well, I really like it a lot there.

The first place that Mary took us to was Plymouth Hoe. Plymouth Hoe, referred to locally as the Hoe, is a large south facing open public space in the English coastal city of Plymouth.

Talking of cousin Mary, this may probably sound a little bizarre. Can you believe that in this UK trip that is actually the first time I'm meeting Mary despite being cousins? (Unlike Judy, who I foundly call Ju, who I literally grew up with and used to stay behind my house)

I mean, it's unlike the case with a friend whom you met, starts a friendship and then lost contact and then meet again after years later. If you're cousins, then technically you are in that sort of relationship since birth right?

What's even more ironic is that we were both from the same high school and I remember seeing her face back in high school but not knowing that we were related at all, although she doesn't remember seeing my face in school at all.

Well, she was my senior back then and the moment I saw her face, I know I've seen that face from somewhere but just couldn't recollect from where and then it just hit me! She was from my school!

How bizarre is that?

Wondering how we are related? Well, Mary's grandmother and mine are sisters. Yea, it's considered distant cousins already but I come from a very big extended family where the older generation was once a very close knitted bunch upholding blood relations. Which is why and how I came to met up with Mary who has been residing in Plymouth for the past 8 years already.

To be honest, I think my family history is so dramatic that I could even write a book on it! LOL..... :P

I'm serious! I am the 3rd generation of a Chinese imigrant family in Malaysia. My grandfather is the first and my father the second. The first generation still has some ties with China and up until my father's generation, the family was still practising some of the traditional Chinese culture despite a modern exterior.

What I like the most during family gatherings is to listen to the old time stories being told by my aunts. It's something like how Joy Luck Club was I think! LOL.....

But that's a different story altogether and I'm digressing already....

Okay, okay, back to The Hoe. The atmosphere was great and the view there... just fantastic!

The weather wasn't at it's best, but it was still great!

After a stroll along the walkway,

we stopped at this Waterfront restaurant for a drink.

What was initially intended to be just for a drink ended up to be a feast! LOL..... XD

Well, not exactly a feast since we went there right after lunch. So, it was quite an odd hour to be feasting already. :P

It so happened that the restaurant was having an Oyster Fest that day. There were not only fresh oysters but grilled lobsters as well!

'Fresh local lobster served here daily'

The long queue for lobsters.... o_O

So yea, we were enjoying some seafood while taking in the view.


Sitting facing the sea.......

Accompanied by a live band!

Jaaang! .... I mean, simply the best! =D

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