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Monday, 27 September 2010

Beading.com.my Final Storewide Sale!

Ok, final not as in closing down final "Final" sale but as in the final sale in 2010, yeah. :P In other words, if you miss this one out, you probably gotta wait until next year for their next sale. I know next year is only a couple of months away but if their next sale is gonna be in Sept 2011, well, you technically do have to wait for 12 months! :P

So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to check it out! =D

Just a quickie one here.

 I know it's been some time already since my last entry. Work has been a bit busy and tiring at the moment. I'm stealing some time off my lunch break to post this entry. I've got about half an hour to do this. So, let's see how fast I can type how much I can cramp in. LOL.... XD

Yes, as I was saying, Beading.com.my's sale.

Remember how I used to have a list of the online stores that I go to to buy my materials listed on the sidebar? Ok, no need to look at the sidebar. I said "used to" i.e was here but not now anymore. :P Some people ask me where did that list go. Well basically because  I'm now getting most of my stuffs from Beading.com.my that there just doesn't seem to be any need to look elsewhere.

Only for those odd items, I'll hit this eBay store. Otherwise, Beading.com.my is pretty much the "one-stop".

Got the above Labradorite from Beading.com.my. I haven't got the slightest idea what I'm going to do with them yet but they're just too pretty to turn now.

I've just got a knack of buying buying and buying but when it comes to using it, I have this slight nudge at the heart not to part with it! LOL...... Like a beads collector more than a jewelry maker when really, the practise should have been the latter!

Look at that 'flash' ! Seriously, I think the picture just don't do it justice!

If you're into gemstones, they've got more in store. And the best part is, they also ship worldwide! So, yes, everybody can buy! =D

Oh, did you know that Steve from Beading.com.my in collaboration with Emi Kaz is conducting Metalsmithing workshops also? Well, actually, they've got a lot more workshops available!

I think the inaugural workshop was held last Saturday on the 25th I think. I of course hadn't the opportunity to attend given the fact that I stay so far away from them. Mastura from whimsicalandquirky. blogspot.com attended and wrote a post about her experience. So, you might wanna go check it out.

Alright, lunch time's up! Gotta dash off now. I'll try to put up a more long-winded proper post later tonight IF I'm not too tired. :P

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