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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

What's up, folks?

Aaaah, yes. And so I've been rather quiet the past month. Apart from my birthday month, a couple of other events came up as well. Mostly personal events.

Heeee... yeap, I got 2 birthday cake this year. Yay! :D The top one is the Baskin Robbins chocolate ice cream cake from Mum. The cake could have been better but since it was not ordered  in advance, they were stuck with what the folks at Baskin Robbins could whip up in that short span of time. It was still delish nonetheless!

And just in case you are wondering, 'Tan' is my family name. I seriously don't know why on earth my bro included my family name on the cake. It just look so odd. It made it sound so..... 'formal'? o_O

And the one below is from office. Also a chocolate flavoured. Chocolate sponge cake. They could have challenged my taste bud, really, since I've got a rather adventurous taste bud! But choco is still all good!

Also attended two weddings.

One traditional Chinese wedding. My cousin bro got married.

That's during the tea ceremony where I offered a cup of tea to my sis in law in exchange for a red packet or 'and pow' filled with money. It sorta means like an acknowledgment of the new addition to the family..... I think!

And as for the red packets, it's given out as the blessings from the newlyweds. I know what you're thinking. Shouldn't the newlyweds be GIVEN blessings instead of GIVING blessings?

Well, the GIVEN blessings part happened earlier on already wth the elders. Now it's the newlyweds GIVING their blessings to the younger ones.

And the other wedding I attended was a traditional Malay wedding.

Now, Malay weddings are different.

The bride and groom will sit on a 'pelamn' which is the two huge chairs to have guests offering their blessings to the newlyweds. The bride and groom will have both their hands on ther lap, palms down and blessings are given to the newlyweds by sprinkling 'rose water' on the newlyweds hands.

The 'rose water' here is actually just dipping a the rose flower on a stalk into water and then sprinkling it.

Actually, I think my friend (the bride) skip this step. Cuz I don't remember sprinkling any 'rose water' that day although I've always remember that as part of the tradition. I only remembered crashing the bride and groom on the 'pelamin' for photos. :P

Thing is, traditional custom weddings can be very elaborate and modern couple tend to skip certain step/ritual to simplified the process,

And another good news is a new addition to the family! :D

Sis-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Baby M is slightly over a month old now. Been spending every weekend for the past month at my bro's house in another town with Baby M.

Isn't she such a sweetheart!

What a way to end the first half of the year! I hope everyone had a good frst half of the year too!

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