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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Everybody, meet Derek.

Everybody, this is Derek. :)

Looking cool there, huh? ;)

I got to know about Derek when a friend in Facebook liked his Facebook Page link. And when I browse through the page, my eyebrows just raised! Well, not in a bad way but more like surprised!

Very cosy looking studio.

You see, Derek's studio offers not only beading workshops but also lampworking and silversmithing! And to think that I actually travelled thousands of miles across the sea just to learn the latter two only to learn AFTER my return that both workshops are available just behind my backyard! Well, not literally my backyard, but you catch my drift.

I didn't realized such a place existed in Malaysia. I swear I've made a very thorough Google search before deciding that England was probably the next best place if I want to learn those two since I'll be going there for a break already. I've even checked up on Singapore ok and there was none, 'ilek', nil.

His studio also has strands of beads available for sale.

Well, true enough. He only had this studio a little over a year. That's around the same time I left Malaysia.

But when I learned that he has been doing this for 10 friggin' years already, I was like "C'mon, you kidding me, right?" Turns out, he wasn't.  o_O I mean, don't you think he looked waaay too young to have been doing this for a decade already? LOL.....=P

Another thing that struck me was how well-equipped his studio is. To the point that it was rather impressive if you ask me!

It's rather common to see bead board in beading classes but it's not often that I see them with worklights. If you have done beading before, you'll realize what a huge difference proper lighting can do with your work and at the same time not to strain the eyes. And if you've done enough beadwork, you should be able to tell the difference between working under sunlight and normal light. Apart from the fact that the classes are conducted indoors and hence the dimmer lighting as I presumed from the picture but if those two table lamp I see there are daylight lamp, I'm even more impressed cuz I know thes thing don't come cheap!

I'll tell you why daylight lamp are the best. Well, basically the light simulate that of natural sunlight and thus reduces eye strain and glare ensuring that you work in optimal comfort.

How thoughtful!

Looking at this picture sure feels like deja vu!

Even his silversmithing workbench appears to be very well equiped with all the necessary tools. Do visit his silversmithing photo album in his Facebook page to see more. And if you browse through the description of the course from his website, I dare say that it does sound like one hella-vu comprehensive course!

Even his lampworking work station is just as impressive! From the picture I see, I'm guessing it's a 4 seater work station equiped with the micro torch and all the necessary tools.

Another interesting workshop conducted by the studio is the beaded lamp course.

The luxury lamps. LOL.... XD I think bead lovers would have loved to have this in their living room or bedside table. Functional ornament, I call them. :)

Totally awesome with lights on, isn't it?

Check out this video below to see Derek 'live'.

You guys know what really caught my eye in the video?


Why didn't Diana or Sally tell me that there was such a thing?!

Then I think I would have a better chance of scoring with a round bead despite being only a beginner lor!

*Runs like an ostrich and buries my head in the sand AGAIN*

p/s : I haven't had the opportunity to visit Derek's studio. All Derek T Creative Studio and Gallery are taken off directly his Facebook page, with his permission of course.

p.p/s : You know, if you ask me, I think it's better to take up these courses that are broken down into a few segments running over a span of time rather than 2 full days crash course like what I did. There's simply just too much information to be able to actually digest and take them all in 2 full days. The misfortune I experienced with my Beginner Silversmithing course was an example.

p.p.p/s : Derek's studio is in Plaza Damas, at Sri Hartamas. Lucky you people who live near there!

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Rebekah said...

So, so jealous right now.

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Why so, so jealous?

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